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Why did I start this journey? Simple really — The only good thing about my beer belly was it was the perfect height to rest a stubby on while being a potato on the couch. I’ve tried to lose weight before. Several unsuccessful attempts. I always felt I was making it up as I went a long and I really struggled to keep my self accountable. Eventually, just packing it in and opting for burgies and pizzas. “Oh well, try again another time right?” Eventually, I was just so God-damn sick and tired of being flat, tired, and irritable all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I had an absolute ball just eating and drinking what I wanted when I wanted. But something had to give and I’m so glad I reached out to Christian to help me grab this bull by the horns and show me how seamless it can be to a bit healthier. If you’re hesitating like I did. Don’t. You’re never too far gone. It’ll be the best thing you do!



Prior to working with Christian, the issues I had really stemmed from a lack of experience, knowledge, and awareness when it came to health and fitness - specifically nutrition and my performance in the gym. Without any guidance, this led to a long period of 'trial and error', and some frustrating setbacks and plateaus. Christians ability to piece together parts of the puzzle provided me the right kind of adjustments and tweaks that I needed in order to really elevate my performance. My energy levels have significantly improved, body feels in a much healthier state, and now that my body and mind are running in full harmony I really can perform at my best! Christians coaching, knowledge, and professionalism along with having someone to hold me accountable was invaluable. His ability to make you come off coaching calls feeling more motivated & inspired than ever is definitely one of his gifts. If you want to take your health and fitness to the next level, shift some limiting beliefs, and break through some barriers that were holding you back previously, Christian is the coach for you!

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Before finding out about Christian, I was having issues with weight loss and nutrition, along with enjoying a beer a bit too much with my weeks off. Christian didn’t just tell me what I needed to do in the gym and what foods I needed to eat, he gave me the tools so that I could make the choices myself. After my first RNR, I was still able to enjoy myself socially and also keep with being active. I couldn’t believe my weight loss was still on track thanks to his introduction of “calorie buffer days”. A massive tool that blew my mind how easy it was to do. Even though Christian has taught me that it's not all about weight loss, I am pretty proud to of lost 7.5kg in 5 weeks. I'm well and truly on track to hit the end goals and more! Christian is very easy to get a long with. I ask him questions about nutrition or exercises at any time of the day and he gets back to me with a very elaborate explanation. You can tell he absolutely loves his job. For anyone like myself who enjoys the social aspect of life but also wants to tighten the screws on being healthy, I’d 100% recommend Christian. I'm still doing the things I love and looking for new ways to become more active. We have a laugh along the way and never take anything too serious.



Prior to working with a health coach, I experienced a lot of ups and downs in my attempts to establish routine and consistency. I approached my health with an all or nothing mentality so if I wasn’t able to give 110% percent, I would give the exact opposite due to frustration and a feeling of failure. Christian was able to help me adopt a new mindset in order to create consistency that sticks. He showed me how to “turn down the dial” in place of my all or nothing approach. This new form of thinking helped me overcome feelings of frustration and failure so that I could develop routines that weren’t daunting. The best thing about working with Christian was the personalisation of the coaching process. It was clear that he paid attention to the details of what we discussed from week to week. It was also refreshing to participate in a process that was research-driven and didn’t rely on gimmicks, specific products, or social media trends. Once I got to the point where I started checking off milestones, I knew the coaching process was working. This was especially motivating because these milestones weren’t just action-oriented, I was able to conquer milestones with my mindset. Christian is an expert in the field who pays attention to detail. He is a coach that will push you outside of your comfort zone in a way that doesn’t feel disruptive. I now have consistent routines in place that I am confident will last a lifetime. I would recommend Christian to anyone who struggles with developing the mindset needed to stay on track with health and wellness. The internet is filled with coaches who can tell you what to eat and how to train, but if you don’t adopt the proper mindset, that guidance doesn’t matter. Consistency is key and Christian is the coach who will get you there!



Before I reached out to Christian, I had low energy, was up and down with my diet, and didn’t have a consistent exercise routine. I felt like I had little jigsaw pieces of knowledge but needed help putting it all together. Christian understood my personal constraints with full-time work and parenthood and was able to work within these. I also believe just being able to have an ear that listens massively helped me to piece it all together in my own head. A pivotal moment for me was when I noticed my energy levels getting home from work and I was able to enjoy playtime with my son while giving my partner valuable time to rejuvenate. Christian puts the ball in your court by prompting you to set your own goals each week, which I believe created a lot of self-accountability. I would recommend Christian to anyone who really wants to change their life for the better and discover how much we leave left in the tank each day!



Approaching Christian as a health coach has been the single greatest decision I have made for my health. My mindset towards my health has changed for the better and I've noticed real changes in both my physical and mental wellbeing as a result. He is knowledgeable, professional and kind. He champions your self-improvement, but keeps you in the driver's seat. I could not recommend him more highly! 



Before finding out about Christian, I had unhealthy habits, increased weight, and I felt frustrated with not having any clear direction on how to achieve my goals. Christian was able to help me achieve my goals by consolidating healthier habits by constructing a schedule and breaking everything down into simple and achievable goals. A pivotal moment for me was when I shifted my mindset to stop caring so much about the scales, and instead started caring about how good I felt! I'm not sweating the little things and not reading into the numbers too much. Now I'm much happier and in a better place physically and mentally. The most significant change I have noticed is that my overall mood, happiness and sleep are so much better. Christian is a very strong person, who cares and wants to see others succeed. He showed a greater care for me and fostered a relationship past client and coach with genuine interest. The best thing about working with him was that he was very understanding, prepared, and adaptable. He listened and modified according to what worked. I would recommend Christian to anyone, much like myself, who may be on the fence or unsure if it is for them. I assure you it's worth it!

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Before finding out about Christian, I wanted to work on my junk food intake (I was having 2-4 boxed meals a week), and I also wanted to work on my good habits such as exercise and meditation. I felt like I was going around in circles all of the time. I would always last a few days or at most a week and then fall back into my old routine. Christian was able to help me work towards my goals by listening to me and exploring the reasons WHY I was doing what I was doing. He understood my triggers and gave me ideas, suggestions, and tools to help cope with the triggers and to look at problems in a different light. Christian is very personable, approachable, has a relaxed demeanour, and was firm when he needed to be. When I said I would do something and didn't follow through, we would explore the reasons why I didn't follow through or my barriers for not following through. It was like a lightbulb went off in my head. I genuinely enjoyed catching up with Christian weekly to see how I was going — accountability is something I really loved from health coaching with Christian. He made me understand WHY I hadn't kicked my bad habits yet, and I was excited to tell him about my highs and lows and my perception of why/where I thought I was at each week. The most significant overall change has been that my anxiety and stress levels have reduced dramatically. I really noticed this change when my partner, close friends and family commented on my change in behaviour when faced with a stressful situation. Now I have a different, calmer, and more relaxed outlook on life in general. I find myself more productive at work because I am able to deal with highly stressful situations rationally and calmingly. My personal relationships have blossomed with the skills I have learnt through Christian. I would recommend Christian to anyone and everyone who may be looking to improve aspects of their life, mental health, physical health or overall health. If you've tried and failed or want to give another approach a go, I would highly recommend Christian!

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I stumbled upon Christian when I was struggling through depression, low self-confidence, and an unhealthy relationship with food. I was having a lot of negative self-talk and hated looking at myself naked in the mirror. It was tough at the beginning, but by getting the support and having the strategies I learnt from Christian I was able to start turning things around. He has helped me achieve discipline with my routine and given my the tools to grow a strong and healthy mindset. Christian came into my life and helped me build a strong foundation to living a healthier lifestyle. I am proud to say I have achieved all my goals that I set out to and I am living in a much happier place within myself. I am forever grateful of Christian’s support and knowledge. I couldn’t have gotten to this place without his guidance. He is a damn genius when it comes to health coaching and I cannot fault his work methods whatsoever. He’s an absolute pleasure to work with, and an extremely genuine and kind person. It’s been real man, thank you for coming into my life!

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