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Nutrition for Busy Folks E-Book

Nutrition for Busy Folks E-Book


Grab the Nutrition for Busy Folks E-book today to learn:


  • The nutrition principles and food swaps that make the biggest difference
  • What to eat when you're short on time
  • Tips to stay on track when eating out
  • How to cut calories without calorie-counting
  • Hacks to reduce time spent in the kitchen
  • How to put together healthy meals that taste delicious
  • Over 30 mouth-watering recipes and meal combinations
  • Loads more!


"Nutrition for Busy Folks is an easy-to-digest, no BS resource for busy people who want to straight-up improve their health. Do yourself a favour and pick this up." — Nick Petrou, via Facebook


"This e-book is phenomenal! The information is easy to understand, practical and the tips are transferable to anyone's life." — Laura Buckley, via Instagram


"Nutrition for Busy Folks gives you all the tools and information you need to begin your transformation towards a healthier life." — Owen Collins, via Facebook


"This e-book is easy to digest, full of tonnes of useful tidbits and anecdotes that are incredibly relatable." — Alex Bell, via Facebook


"Christian presents the information in an easy to read manner that has motivated me to consider what I’m eating more closely. Would definitely recommend this resource to anyone that’s wanting to increase their knowledge on what fuels their days." — Jack Beer, via Facebook

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