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A photo of Christian Huggins, a Perth-based Australian health coach, smiling.




I tailor my 6-month health coaching program to you. That way, you can become the best version of yourself without disrupting your busy life and giving up the things you love.


I also have a strict no BS policy.


We'll set realistic goals, and I'll show you exactly what you need to do to achieve them.

Your 6-month journey

I've broken your 6-month journey into 7 steps so you know exactly what you're getting:

Step 1: FREE 15-minute health consult

We have a free 15-minute video call to see where you're at with your health and decide if you'll actually benefit from my health coaching services.

Step 2: FREE 45-minute brainstorming session

We delve a little deeper into your health and my coaching services in a free 45-minute brainstorming session.

Step 3: Health history and 60-minute strategy session

You complete a health questionnaire so I can create a tailor-made strategy to improve your health and life over the next 6 months. We then discuss this in a 60-minute strategy session.

Step 4: The first 90-days

We meet for 6 fortnightly coaching sessions where:

  • I share personalised workout programs, healthy yet delicious recipes, stress-management tools, sleep routines, and other important resources with you

  • We discuss your progress, helping you overcome physical and mental hurdles, pinpointing areas for growth, and setting actionable steps for the future

  • We discuss anything else that's concerning you

Step 5: The 90-day milestone

After the first 90 days, we conduct a more in-depth review of your progress and celebrate how far you've come.

Step 6: The last 90-days

We meet for another 6 fortnightly coaching sessions, and I give you a brand-new set of personalised workout programs suited to the second half of your 6-month health journey.

Step 7: You're a healthier, happier you

Now that you're a healthier, happier you, with the mindset, knowledge, and tools you need to take your health into your own hands, we pop the champagne. You've graduated from my health coaching program!

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Your resources

You'll also get access to the following resources:


  • My education portal, for 10+ video modules on health and wellness

  • Life access to my webinar library, which features 20+ videos and is constantly growing

  • Two educational ebooks

  • Supplement guidelines detailing 7 highly impactful supplements

  • A 64oz stainless steel YETI water bottle valued at $100

  • A note-taking journal

Remember, the health consult and brainstorming session are FREE, so you can begin your health journey right now without spending a cent.


I work remotely through online video calls, usually through Google Meet. I don't do face-to-face coaching. I prefer working remotely because you can engage in our sessions from the comfort of your home (and country!) and save money you would otherwise spend on travel.


As you'll see in my FAQs:


  • I don't write meal plans because they don't work for most people. They're often unrealistic and impersonal. They don't take into account your food and social preferences. With me, you can enjoy a beer and burger on the weekend and improve your health.

  • I don't do personal training because I work remotely and health coaching is distinct from PT. I'm not a certified PT.

Ready to lose weight, gain muscle, and become a more confident version of yourself?

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