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A photo of Christian Huggins, a Perth-based Australian health coach, smiling.




What is a health coach?

A health coach is a health professional who guides you to physical and mental health and happiness by means of personalised coaching strategies in a friendly one-on-one environment.


As your health coach, I'll take you through a 100% personalised health coaching program. This will feature tailor-made strategies to help you reach your health goals and become the best possible version of yourself.


I'll also be there to answer all your health questions, chat about anything that's on your mind, help you back to your feet after a setback, and share your wins!

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How is a health coach different from a PT?

In a nutshell, personal trainers assess your needs and design exercise and fitness programs for you to follow. There are many PTs — especially online ones — that will give you cookie-cutter workout programs and meal plans that aren't tailored to your body and goals.


Good health coaches, on the other hand, tailor their coaching programs to fit your life.


Good health coaches also pay close attention to the other major factors that affect your health, such as work and family-related stresses, your habits, and your relationship with food and sleep. They set you up so that, after 6 months or so, you have the mindset, knowledge, and tools you need to maintain and improve your health on your own.

What makes me qualified to coach?

I've been there — close to rock bottom. I understand the struggle. In fact, my own health journey inspired me to become a health coach.


I'm also certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

But results are what matter most — and I sure do get them.

Just look at what my graduates are saying about my health coaching services.



The best thing about working with Christian was the personalisation of the coaching process. It was clear that he paid attention to the details of what we discussed from week to week. It was also refreshing to participate in a process that was research-driven and didn’t rely on gimmicks, specific products, or social media trends.

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A red icon with the acronym IIN in the centre, representing my health coaching qualification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.
What doesn't my health coaching include?
  • Face-to-face coaching — I work remotely through online video calls, usually in Google Meet, so you can engage in our sessions from the comfort of your home and save money you'd otherwise spend on travel

  • Meal plans — they don't work for most people, are often impersonal and unrealistic, and don't allow for a cheeky pint or two on the weekend

  • Personal training — health coaching is distinct from PT, and I'm not a certified PT

What is the FREE health consult about?

The health consult is a 15-minute video call that will help me understand where you're at with your health. I'll ask some simple questions to find out what you want in life, uncover the shit that's holding you back, and figure out exactly how you can reach your goals.

Why is the health consult free?

It's free because:


        A) I need to make sure you'll actually benefit from my services

        B) You have to figure out if you like me and want to work with me


I just wouldn't feel right working with you if I couldn't help you — especially if you hated my guts.

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