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General Fitness & Mobility


Aches and pains are becoming INCREASINGLY prevalent in our society as we become more sedentary and move less, and, sorry to say, those 45-60-minute gym sessions a few times a week just aren't going to cut it by themselves unfortunately. Building a base of general fitness by being physically active does more than just give you "a good-looking body". It helps us manage our stress productively, avoid stress-related ailments such as tight muscles, digestive distress, and even substance abuse, boosts cognition and energy, release tension, improves sleep quality, promotes healthy food choices, balances hormones, enhances mood and mental health. The list goes on! Without regular exercise, it really is hard to reach our FULL physical and mental potential. Whether we work in a labouring job, at a desk, in a restaurant, driving an Uber, teaching phys-ed, daily movement STILL needs to be a priority, just some more so than others. In this module you'll learn about: • The four types of physical activity • Different fitness "styles" and preferences • The importance of PERSONALISING our movement • Practical steps to increase our general fitness and mobility • Common fitness mistakes (and what to do instead!) • And more! This module is best paired with: • The Fundamentals of Nutrition



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