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Changing Your Body Composition


Do you know what it takes to lose body fat, or to put on lean muscle, via the amount and types of food you eat? What are your personal body goals? Are you looking to gain a little weight (muscle) or lose a little weight (fat)? Do you know much about calories? About macro's? Have you figured out how many calories you need to be consuming to start moving towards your goal? Regardless of whether you want to lose weight or put on weight, you cannot get around the factor of calories and energy balance. In this module you'll learn about: • What macronutrients are • The concept calories and energy balance • A TONNE of practical weight loss and weight gain strategies • What "The cost of getting lean" is • Using your hand for portion control • How to: Mini-cut and mini-bulk for greater success This module is best paired with: • The Fundamentals of Resistance Training



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