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Sleep - The Biggest Domino


"I'll sleep when I'm dead" For whatever reason, sleep has somehow lost value in today’s hectic society. We're tired, but wired. We suffer energy dips throughout the day. We've got brain fog. We're lethargic. It'd hard for us to maintain focus, or to solve problems at work and in everyday situations.. Because we are absolutely SCREWING up our sleep. We go through each day generally on edge and just plain tired, EXCEPT when it comes time to sleep of course, because then miraculously, despite being tired all day, we can’t sleep. Sound familiar? We need to sleep EVERY DAY, so prioritising getting the highest quality sleep is one of the most POWERFUL ways to boost energy, mental clarity, cognition, libido, fat loss and muscle building potential. In this module you'll learn all about: • The mind-boggling effects of poor sleep vs. high quality sleep • How to discover what your PERSONAL sleep timing is • Hacks in the hours leading up to bedtime to enhance the quality of your sleep • How to design your sleep environment • How to optimise your wake up • And more! This module is best paired with: • Any other!



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