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Fundamentals of Nutrition & Healthy Eating


Sometimes feel bloated, or just "off" after certain meals? Feeling a little brain foggy? Is your digestion a little out of whack? Getting energy dips throughout the day? Are you confused about what a "healthy" meal even looks like? (Hint: It's not just the typical chicken, brown rice and veggies) But, basically: • Feed ourselves shit stuff and we’ll feel shit • Feed ourselves good stuff and we’ll feel good Eating the right kinds of foods will put your body in a more optimal state for building muscle and losing body fat, better cognition, increased quality of sleep, improved overall wellbeing, and make you better able to handle stress. Understanding how food affects you, learning how to make small diet changes, and having the knowledge to make healthier choices on a day-to-day, situation-to-situation basis is SUPER important to getting your food intake on track. In this module you'll learn about: • What food is made up of • What macronutrients and micronutrients are • The importance of hydration • The concept of "clean eating" • Healthy shopping tips • Healthy cooking tips • Why it’s important to focus on HOW you eat, too • And more! This module is best paired with: • General Fitness & Mobility



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