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The Foundations Bundle


In The Foundations Bundle, you'll become a master of ALL the most effective, best bang-for-you-buck health tips to have you feeling, thinking, moving and looking better than you EVER have before. This course will teach you all the practical and simple strategies to boost your energy, mental clarity, fat loss and muscle building potential THROUGH THE ROOF. Learn all about healthy foods and how to create a way of eating tailored to your goals, the hacks that'll have you sleeping like a fucking ROCK, tricks to foster POWERFUL life-long habits, ways to take TOTAL control of your mindset, and the steps to build the body of your dreams. PERMANENTLY. By the end of this course, you'll: • Know how to eat better, without feeling deprived • Gain complete mental confidence • Have all the tools to manage your stress and your mindset • Foster powerful lifestyle habits • Understand what it takes to promote the highest quality sleep • Learn how you can be an active person, no matter what shape you're in now • Know what the absolute BEST way of exercising your body is to stay lean all year round • Build fitness into your life, without it taking over • And more! Topics included in this bundle: • Sleep – The Biggest Domino • Take Control of Your Mindset • Setting Powerful Habits and Routines • Stress-Management & The Power of Breath • The Fundamentals of Nutrition & Healthy Eating • General Fitness & Mobility • The Fundamentals of Resistance Training • Change Your Body Composition



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