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Take Control of Your Mindset - Simple Tools


Do you feel that you're more pessimistic than optimistic? Do negative thoughts run rampant through your mind? Do you find yourself ruminating on things like: The lack of direction in your life, beating yourself up for something you did in the past, things you're not good at, projecting yourself into fake future scenarios, predicting the worst outcomes, blaming yourself or others when things go wrong? Do you wish you could just BE someone whose default state is one of positivity? Someone who's genuinely just grateful, optimistic, hopeful, happy, energetic? In this module you'll learn all about: • The different types of negative thoughts, and how to start CRUSHING them • The power of optimism • ALL the practical ways to foster a positive mindset • Developing an attitude of gratitude • The part of our brain which we can strengthen through positive thinking • Visualisations, manifestations, and how to create a vision for your ideal future • And more! This module is best paired with: • Stress Management



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